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Your yard is the first impression people have of your home. And, if you’re like most families in Westchester, it’s where you spend a lot of your time. It’s critical that your landscaping not only looks good, but stays dry and easy to maintain. There’s a lot to think about. Without the right contractor, landscaping & grading your property can be stressful.

  1. How much maintenance will your yard require?
  2. Will your yard stay dry?
  3. Is your land graded properly?
  4. Will your project be finished on time, and on budget?
Green lawn in New Rochelle after curtain drainage installed

You deserve a yard that makes a lasting first impression

Professional Landscape & Grading Services

Bombace Construction offers grading, yard leveling and a variety of landscaping services to homeowners throughout lower Westchester County, NY. Here are a few of the ways we can help you with your landscaping.

Professional landscape grading services to enhance the curb appeal of your property, or divert water away from a structure. Grading your yard can also help to prevent erosion, reduce maintenance and keep your lawn beautiful.

Work with a trusted local contractor to level your yard. Each project is unique, and requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of your property. Whether you are searching for lawn leveling services to create a useable space, improve aesthetics of your yard or manage water runoff we see your project through from start to finish. 

With decades of experience serving Westchester, we have a thorough understanding of local properties and the best way to handle your lawn leveling.

Landscaping design, digging, tree planting, tree removal, yard leveling and other services to help you realize the yard you’ve always wanted.

When you cut down a tree on your property, the remaining stump and roots can pose a problem. Often, grinding the stump down can be a mistake. Old roots in the ground make the area less versatile for activities such as planting. Roots and old tree stumps can also decay, damage your soil and attract insects.

The wiser option is usually to completely remove the stump using heavy machinery. The root system is then pulled from the ground. The remaining hole can then be filled with fresh soil and landscaped.

Yard grading with fresh soil and grass

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