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Driveway paving & repair can be an expensive, time consuming project. An experienced local asphalt contractor can handle your job from start to finish – from planning your new design through paving. Without the right contractor to help, there’s a lot to think about.

  1. Can you repair your existing driveway?
  2. Will your new driveway stand up to the harsh winters?
  3. Do you need a permit?
  4. Will your asphalt contractor finish your project?
  5. Is your driveway contractor licensed & insured?
  6. What is the best time of year to install a new driveway?

Your blacktop should be beautiful

Asphalt & Driveway Paving Services

We’re licensed, insured contractors that handle your new driveway installation from start to finish. 

With over 4 decades planning & installing driveways in Westchester, you can rest assured your project will be handled by experienced contractors.

  1. Inspect your project and make a plan
  2. Remove existing driveway & haul away debris
  3. Dig & shape the new driveway
  4. Lay item #4 or other base material to ensure a stable foundation for your driveway
  5. Pave your driveway
  6. Seal driveway blacktop at the appropriate time

Before you think about installing a new driveway, we fully assess your project to determine if your existing driveway can be repaired. 

The better you care for your driveway, the longer it lasts. We provide fast paving services and work neatly throughout the project. 

Seal Coating, also known as driveway sealing provides a protective layer to your asphalt surface.

There are several reasons to regularly seal your asphalt driveway.

  • Reduce impact of ice and snow
  • Fill in small cracks and gaps
  • Protect against UV rays
  • Beautiful aesthetics


Sealing your driveway is the best way to make sure it lasts. Regularly sealing your asphalt also helps to protect your driveway from the cold winter and other elements.

Typically, it’s a good idea to seal your driveway every few years. 

We provide comprehensive services to handle all of your asphalt projects. 

  1. Installing & paving new roadways
  2. Installing & paving new driveways
  3. Repairing existing asphalt
  4. Walkways & other paths
Asphalt being installed for a new driveway
New driveway in New Rochelle

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